Why mer-ish?

I've had many names in my lifetime. Dianna Michelle being the first. The only time I've ever been called Dianna is at the doctor's office and on the first day of class. When I was little I was Missy; only my daddy calls me that now. My momma, siblings, and husband call me Michelle. Somewhere in elementary school I got tagged with Moose - yes, I was bigger than anyone in my class. At some point in junior high, most of my friends forgot Moose and used Michelle, Chelle, or my last name, Walker; and that carried me for many years.

Then came nieces and nephews. The ones on my side of the family call me Aunt Chelle, but on Lovey's side I'm Sho.

But about 12 years ago, when the boys were very young. We hung out with a huge group of friends, and there were two Michelle's. It was sometimes confusing. As a solution, a friend tag me with Mer, and it stuck. When I decided to blog, Mer was taken, so I tried several options and settled on mer-ish.

 Why Blog?

A.  I can't afford therapy.

B.  I plan to turn my blog into a multi-million dollar brand empire.

C.  I read other blogs for sometime and couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer - I had to put my two cents in.

D.  I am so organized, pulled together, and perfect that I feel it is my duty to share my life so that others can learn.

Notice how I organized that in an acceptable format for a multiple choice test?  Each sentence begins with I; the sentences go from shortest to longest; one correct answer; one to test if you've been paying attention; two distractors that can't be right. And if you took your ACT hoping that C was always a good guess, then you're a winner here.