Sunday, July 29, 2012

christmas in july

Yep. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Trying to get ahead of the game. I have friends on facebook who have started counting down already. The crafts stores have supplies lining the shelves. And many DIY blogs have featured projects to prepare for the Christmas season. I have been trying to resist, but to fight is futile. One night this past week, Lovey and I made a late night trip to walmart, and yesterday, I made Chex Mix! I don't know about y'all, but around here Chex Mix is a holiday staple. From just around Thanksgiving until the supplies run out in January, we make and eat A LOT of it. Once that first batch comes out of the oven, we graze on the stuff almost constantly. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, bedtime snack - we eat it all day knowing that once I go back to work in January the holiday cooking and the Chex Mix comes to an end. I have been craving the stuff for several weeks now. Why do we only make it during the holidays? I'm no nutritionist, but I would think that it would be better for us than eating potato chips. I also think that if I have access to something throughout the year then maybe I won't feel the need to founder myself on it during the holidays (I can rationalize almost anything if need be). So in the "Christmas in July" spirit, yesterday just before lunch I started mixing. And I decided that since it was so close to lunch that I would have eat Chex Mix as soon as it came from the oven. And Lovey came in just as I was stirring for the last time - he decided to wait for it too. I made a giant batch. And maybe I realized why we don't make things that require the oven to be on during for hours on the hottest day of the summer. But I had Chex Mix and I was happy. And the not foundering myself theory? I didn't eat any for breakfast this morning, but I did eat three bowls of the stuff yesterday. I'm going to take a bag of it to Brooke today. You might think sharing it goes along with the whole Christmas in July thing, and that it part of it. She loves Chex Mix as much as we do, and if I don't take her some I will feel guilty. But honestly, it's more about sharing the calories - if my butt's going to get bigger then someone else's should too.


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    1. it's payback - because of your froyo mentions, i have been craving that. and we don't have any place with froyo. finally got some on sunday.

  2. I count down...because Christmas is almost my due date! :)