Saturday, March 31, 2012


I've said it many times before - I love my job. There's nothing better than seeing that light bulb click on during a day's lesson. Nothing better than watching one of my students work and work and finally "get" it. I love my job.

But it does have hazards. As much as I enjoy being around my kiddos, I must say that a classroom is like a petri dish - a steamy, gross germ-garden.

I keep my classroom cool, chilly cold, I keep it downright COLD. And this helps to stem the tide of icky-sicky germs.

But this week I've been stressed and busy and stressed. And those damn germs found a way around my germ shield.

Wednesday, I was having some pointy-pinchy spasms in my back that worked their way all around to the front. My friend Robin pointed out that it was probably just a gas bubble, and I didn't worry. Then Thursday those spasms really cranked up. My back was killing me. It hurt to stand, but I couldn't sit at all. I skipped out on after school tutoring (thank you Robin for filling in) so that I could get home and take a muscle relaxer.

Lovey came home to find me piled up in the bed with the puppies as company. Later that night the dreaded puke-fest started. Friday morning, when he got up to go feed his chickens and ask what I needed, I sent him to his momma's to get me some meds. And Friday was pretty much a blur. I slept all day long.

Today, I'm out of bed but still feeling pretty yucky. My weekend plans are no longer. I think it may be another day of sleeping for me.

Teachers deserve hazard pay when viruses are going around.


  1. Hello! Hope you get better soon. Here's what I do to deter the germs: crack a window open, even if it's just an inch or two no matter what the outside temp, and keep plenty of green plants in your classroom!!!

    1. green plants? hmmm, i've never thought of that. thanks.

  2. I guess it was a really BIG gas bubble! LOL! I hope you feel better soon.

    1. thanks. feeling much better. see you monday.