Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Puppies and a Possum

Those tamales that I planned to make for Lovey were delayed.  They are now steaming - a little later than I had planned, but they'll be ready soon.

I had a small snafu that involved Lucy and Jake.

Can you tell that they are wet, muddy, and in trouble? You see, just last night I gave them both a bath.  They were so clean and smelled really nice (for a dog). They love the cold weather.  So I was surprised that they didn't get wet and muddy earlier today.  I let my guard down for just a few minutes this afternoon, just a few minutes.  I was gathering the supplies to start rolling the tamales. I heard barking and somehow just knew that I needed to go see what was happening. 

I found them. They were in the front yard chasing, barking, biting, and fighting with a possum, a big, fat possum. Where were those boys and their daddy again?? No where to be found!

I chased the dogs and the possum for about 20 minutes.  Got me a big ol' stick - not to hit the possum, but to try and separate the dogs from it enough that I could catch at least one dog. I quickly decided that this would not work because every time I got  Lucy headed away from the possum, the possum would come after me. Then Lucy would attack all over again.

After several minutes of this I came up with a much better plan.

Rubbermaid boxes are GREAT!  I trapped the possum, thinking I would just be able to catch the dogs after I had trapped the possum - I was wrong.  Neither dog would come close enough for me to catch. And if I let go of the box, Lucy would charge at it, trying to throw it off of the possum. I had trapped the possum, but also myself. I couldn't let go of the box.  Finally, I managed to get my hands on Lucy. Jake was easy to catch after that.  They are both in puppy prison (aka the laundry room) "thinking about what they have done" until they are dry - and it takes Jake a long time to dry.

And the possum? The boys and their daddy showed up moments after I had the dogs in custody. The boys helped with the release.

That possum was not at all happy that he had been in possum prison.  And the two puppies are not at all happy to be in puppy prison (aka the laundry room).

The tamales are almost ready.  I think I will release the puppies right after I eat a tamale.


  1. Whew. I'm worn out just reading that. You had an exciting night!

  2. It's always something around here, Laura!