Monday, July 16, 2012

2 steps forward 3 steps back

Or something like that.

If you've read any of my very few posts this summer, then you know that I've been using a running app with the goal of being able to actually RUN. Along the way there have been great accomplishments - the first 6 minute run and then the 20 minute. But there have been set backs too - and most of them can be blamed on a broken toe the day before starting week 4.

During week 5, I thought I might die from cramps in my calf. Those cramps were from running longer times but on the wrong side of my foot (see reference to broken toe above). It took almost an entire week to get the cramps to stop.

Week 6 brought much longer run times. It started with a 9 minute run, a 3 minute walk, and then another 9 minute run. I made the first 9 minutes fine, did the 3 minute walk, and then just couldn't make the second 9 minutes. I would get about 4 minutes in and the calf muscles would cramp terribly. After trying it two different days, I decided it was the stopping to walk and then going back to running that was killing me. So I decided to just move on to W6D2 - a 20 minute run. And I did it! I was so excited to finish 20 minutes of running. The next run was a 15 minute run with a 3 minute walk and then a 10 minute run, and again I didn't do well with the run-walk-run pattern. I modified myself and decided to just run it and skip the walking part. I was running for 26 minutes - with no walking breaks. I was at the lake. And the lake has hills. And asphalt. At home I run on flat land. And gravel. During that time my butt cheeks and back were bothering me, but I thought it was just something that I would have to push through. I thought that when I got home and back to running on flat, gravel roads again it would get better. But it got worse. And I couldn't finish my runs. I tried stretching. I tried ibuprofen. I tried muscle relaxers. I tried heating pads. I have been so mad. And so disappointed.

I did some googling and read several running articles. Most mentioned that back and butt pain could be caused from a change in gait, increasing speed or distance, and changing running surfaces. Hmmm? Check, check, and check. I tried to continue running. The back got worse. I finally went to the doctor. He told me the pain was from running on my foot in a different way, increasing my run time, and changing my running surface - all the things that I had already read in those articles. He gave me pain meds and muscles relaxers and told me to keep running and when I couldn't run to walk double the time. I tried. I really tried. But I just couldn't keep running. I barely made it 13 minutes. It was so frustrating. And even finishing the time walking was killing me. So I took a few days off.

This morning I tried it again. I ran for just over 15 minutes. I increased my distance by walking to complete 3 miles. And my back and butt are killing me. I should have finished W8D3 - the full 30 minute run - by now. And I'm back to just 15 minutes? All because of a damn pinky toe. It just makes me so mad. Tomorrow I will run for a few more minutes and go the full 3 miles again. I'll just have to work my way back up. Maybe I'll get to the 30 minute run before Christmas. Uggghhhh!

It hasn't all been bad. I've done some running with friends and family. At the lake I ran with my nieces, Brooke and Leah, and my friends, Carrie and Alli. At home I've run with Carrie and neighbors, Emily and Brandon. Brooke, Carrie, and I have made lots of jokes about being runners. We can work 'cause I'm a runner now into almost any conversation. This weekend Lovey and I went to New Orleans for our anniversary. Saturday morning we were walking along the river. There were lots of people riding bikes, walking, and running. We met a group of guys who were obviously real runners - very lean, very quick. I leaned over to Lovey and said, "That's what our running group looks like when we run." He answered, "So y'all run topless?"

So you runners, I need advice. I need encouragement. I need someone to come by every morning and drag my butt out of bed.


  1. I kinda fell of the wagon with my running too! :( I'm gonna start back today! We can do it! :))

  2. I kinda fell of the wagon with my running too! :( I'm gonna start back today! We can do it! :))

    1. i think the wagon ran over me. probably because i was running so slow.