Thursday, July 19, 2012

say it ain't so

On our way to New Orleans last Friday and between my navigation duties, I checked facebook, twitter, and email. But I couldn't get into my school email. I had changed my password just before school got out in hopes that I could stay connected all summer - but for some reason my password no longer worked. There was no way to correct the problem at that time, so I let it ride until I could go to the school on Monday. Of course when I got there the floors were being waxed, the principal was gone to a workshop, and the technology guy had just gone home for the day. I knew I was taking a chance by not calling ahead. I went to the superintendent's office and tried to log in on a computer there - didn't work. But the secretary left a message for the tech guy and later called me to let me know that he would reset my account the next morning. All of this to let you know that I had to go to the school yesterday.

July 18th - I think it may be the longest I've ever gone without stopping by the school to work on something in the summer. I have had a few calls to the principal. And I've done some work emails. And of course lots of reading and researching for school. But I haven't gone there in about six weeks. (Well, take that back - I did go by there one night a few weeks ago but it had nothing to do with work, so it doesn't count.)  There have been times that I thought about going. I have driven by several times and almost turned in. But I didn't. Each year I am soooo ready for summer, but then I spend some of my time there working. And this year, I promised myself that I would stay away.

But while I was there yesterday, the tech guy said something about me coming by to let him do some techy thing with my ipad when I came back, and I thought, "I'm not coming back yet." And then I did a quick countdown in my head and thought, "Ohhhhh, I AM coming back." I have three workshop days next week, and the following week I will have to be there preparing workshops for the next week.

How does the end of summer always sneak up on me?

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