Friday, March 23, 2012

i'm easily distracted

I don't know how I ever made it through school. I start one thing but end up doing another. Yesterday I was trying to clean my bathroom - vacuum, mop, clean the bathtub and shower, etc. It took me all afternoon, and I never did clean the sinks. During the time I should have been in the bathroom cleaning, I found myself vacuuming the ceiling fan blades in my bedroom (which did need cleaning, but it wasn't what I had set out to do at that time), folding clothes in the living room, feeding the dogs, washing clothes, and checking the mail. I worked all afternoon, but got nothing finished - not even the bathroom.

And today has been no different - except that I haven't been cleaning bathrooms. I started the morning with the plan to sew. I discovered very quickly that I didn't have any elastic for the project. I hunted everywhere, no elastic. I went to my mother-in-law hoping that she might have some. She didn't. So I headed to Wal-mart. Lovey needed dog food, and Jus needed shampoo, and I also wanted some ant poison. I had tried to get it earlier in the week, but there was none to be had.

Going into the lawn and garden department was a bad move. I did find the ant stuff I needed, but I also found several bulbs that I just couldn't leave behind. I knew that Liz was working in her flower beds this morning, and she was going to give me some cannas when she dug hers up. And those bulbs would look great with the cannas.

While I was there I also picked up some t-shirts to try copying a shirt that I pinned. We'll see how that goes....

When I started home, Liz called and said that Joey was digging the cannas if I wanted any. And I told her that I would come straight there to get them. After a back porch visit, and a look at some her of new plants going in the beds, I ended up leaving with a boxful of cannas, some calla lilly bulbs, and several hollyhocks to transplant in my beds. So I just couldn't come home and sew. Those things needed to be planted. And I wanted to put out the ant poison today.

I started with the ant poison first. Then Lovey came to find me. He was getting ready to mow at the chicken houses, and the belt had broken on the mower. He was heading to town to get a new one and wanted to know if I wanted to ride with him. I don't get to run errands with him much, so I agreed to ride. The planting would just have to wait. And the sewing could be done at night.

I got back to yard work just as soon as I was home. I put out the ant poison. Not enough to cover all of the mounds, but I did get the ones closest to the house - we have so many this year. And I did some weeding in the front of the house. I decided that the cannas and calla lilly bulbs couldn't be planted where I had originally planned because that bed needs new border. I got the hollyhocks planted where I think they will grow. And scattered the other stuff around the yard where I hope it will grow. Those new bulbs I got today will have to wait until the new border is in place.

I'm planning to get back to that sewing project after supper. But who knows what might catch my attention between now and then.

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