Saturday, March 24, 2012

how was your saturday?

Carrie and I had been planning our thrifting day for over a week. It wasn't an extra early morning - I didn't leave home until after 8:00 a.m.

How did anyone find estate and yard sales before iphones and maps? We sucked the battery from two phones today between googling to check prices and mapping a route to a sale. And did either of us think to bring a charger? That would be a NO.

We had the addresses for a few estate sales when we headed out. We found a few more along the way. And we hit a few yard sales too.

As with all sales there are always things you hate to leave behind or the sale that almost was.

Carrie was looking for a small chest of drawers. At one estate sale we thought we had found the perfect one only to discover that someone had bought it literally minutes before we walked in the door. They hadn't even had time to put the sold tag on it. At the same place I found a small swivel rocker that I almost bought. After looking at it several times, I decided the seat back was a bit worn.

At another house I found some 1950's folding chairs. The guy had ten to sell. He had priced them at $8.00 each. I offered him $60.00 for all 10, but he wouldn't make the deal. They were cute. They were in good shape. He had more of an emotional attachment to them than I had want of them. They chairs stayed, and we moved on down the road.

After shopping for several hours, we finally stopped for burgers and onion rings. Yum! And then it was back to shopping.

It was a full day. Carrie's car was full on the trip home. So full that we almost lost it all after our very last stop of the day.

I've got some great projects to work on - I'll share them here as I get them done.

But tonight - I am tired. I haven't even unloaded my truck.

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog! I hope you do the renovation on your table and if you do, please send me before and after pics!!