Thursday, July 28, 2011

GPS needed

All of my life I've heard the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In May, I had such grand intentions for the summer. Most of which involved cleaning and organization. But some included spending time with family and friends and getting a headstart on the next school year. Then June came. And those days at the lake. Where I forget what day of the week it is. And suddenly it's July 4th. I have a love/hate relationship with that holiday. That day has flashing lights and caution signs.

Warning! Warning! You are now on the downside of your summer! It's all down hill from here. School will be starting before you know it!

After all these years of teaching, I know it. I dread it. And still it catches me.  All those things that I intended to do during my summer can't possible be squeezed into these few short weeks. This year there was a new baby and a family wedding. And those took precedence over all other plans.

And this week there's VBS. It's at night, so technically I have all day to do what needs to be done. But part of that day is spent preparing for the night's lesson. And then I leave early to get things set up. I have a great partner. She reminded me last night that I promised to come swimming with her this summer, and now summer is over, and I haven't been to her house even once. I even promised her a few weeks ago, "I'm coming swimming next week." But it was the week of the wedding, and I didn't have time to poop that week much less go swimming.

I intended to have lunch with coworkers. Get acquainted with the new teacher before school. But it hasn't happened. I haven't even managed to get her phone number. And I have tried several times. So instead of jumping in and getting real work done those first few days back, we'll be doing that awkward getting-to-know-you dance. I don't have time for being nice when school starts! So I'll end up saying something bossy or demanding or worse, and it will take weeks to get past it and just work.

I intended to make it for sisters day at the Country Store. My mother has nine brothers and sisters. Every Wednesday the majority of them meet at the store for lunch. It is quite a crowd. Kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, and cousins all join the fun when possible. And since I can't go during the school year, I had intentions of going several times this summer. I've made it one time. Next Wednesday is my last shot. Dare I say it?  I intend to be there.

My truck came with a GPS. It talks to me. I have named her LaTisha. I can map my destination, and Latisha guides me along. "Right turn in one quarter mile." Right turn in 100 feet." She keeps me on course. And if for some reason I stray, she reminds me. "Please make a legal u-turn." "Please make a legal u-turn." Over and over until I get back on the designated course or am at least headed towards my original destination. I need a Latisha to guide me through my summers. To guide me all year! Someone to remind me to make that u-turn and get back on track. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my intended destination.

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