Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've got a sick baby

He came in at an odd time yesterday to get something for a headache. And that was unusual. He sometimes makes a quick trip back from the chicken houses for forgotten allergy medicine. But this time he just wanted something for a headache. When he came back at lunch, he didn't want lunch. And I knew he was sick!

I made him take a cool shower and drink a cool glass of ice water. I wondered if maybe he was a bit dehydrated. He crawled to the couch for a quick nap and then returned to work. An hour or so later I was on my way to finish setting up for VBS and stopped by to check on him. The vomiting had begun. Lovey had just returned from raking hay and sent him home to rest. I went on to the church.

Later I had a missed call and then a text. "Are you done yet?" He was still throwing up and now running a fever. And he wanted ginger ale. So, it was a late night run to Walmart for momma. Ginger ale, Gatorade, Tylenol, and ingredients for magic potato soup. Oh, and cat food - always cat food, but not for Baby Jus.

After a ginger ale, some Tylenol, and later a Gatorade, he went back to sleep. This morning the fever is still here. And he is still in bed. Under his tuddly blanket. The dinosaur blanket I made him in elementary school when the tuddly blanket made for preschool no longer covered the legs and body at the same time. And he was disappointed that I wouldn't just add extensions to the worn and faded favorite.

Later today I'll be making magic potato soup. And delivering ice cold glasses of ginger ale. And tucking in that almost 19 year old baby of mine.

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  1. Hope hes feeling better! Something seems to be going around for sure.