Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Confessions

I plan to link up with Melissa for her Saturday Confessions again, but who knows if I will ever get the link to work. Either way, I'll 'fess up.

1.  I like to think that I have a certain amount of technological savvy. The last few weeks have made me question that idea. There was a complete hard drive crash, replacement, and reloading of everything. I did this. But apparently not very well because I'm still working out the kinks. Nothing like a computer issue to humble a person. I have felt so helpless at times. Seems as though others are also experiencing problems with Blogger and Facebook, so maybe it's not all me and my computer after all. But things just seem to be moving so slowly and so disjointedly - any suggestions?

2.  I'm blaming the heat for my mood lately. People have just been on my LAST nerve. Not all people; just a few. Lovey is at the top of that list. And not everything he does is driving me crazy - just a few of his tendencies. Like being so picky about food. He would say that he isn't at all picky (and that would drive me nuts.) Really? The tip of the okra tastes different than the middles? Really? Eat the damn okra! I'm tempted to cook okra, tips only, for the next week.

3.  School looms heavily on the horizon. Big changes are coming. For the last several years, I have taught 7th and 8th grades with an occasional odd grade thrown, but always 7th and 8th. This year it will be only 7th grade, and I'm having mixed emotions about that. I'm really excited about the new assignment but not about giving up those 8th graders. I get attached. I like having them for two years - it's amazing to see the progress made over a two year period. I am also scheduled to teach a creative writing class. It's completely new for us. I have nothing to start. Any suggestions? Any ideas? Any lesson plans?  It's one of those Be careful what you ask for things. For years I have told my principal that we need to add some English electives. He finally listened. Or he finally decided to punish me for pestering him about it. We'll see. I'm excited and panicky at the same time.

4.  Later today, I am helping my mom, sister, and niece host a baby shower for a cousin. You may have read somewhere that I don't particularly like showers. It may have even been said that I hate them. So know that when I attend one or co-host one, I really love the honoree.

5. I woke up really early this morning. The TV was one and early morning GMA. There was a story of a woman who has 700 cats. At her house. I'm not feeling so bad about this now.

Yep, that's my back steps. Most of them are a little lot on the wild side. Lucy Mercer, Great American Wrangler, is to blame for that. She has even convinced Jake to help her on the chase. They don't want to catch them; they just want the cats to run. When the dogs go outside, the cats scatter.
 Don't you have something you need to confess?


  1. are you kidding me? those are all your cats? you are the crazy cat lady!

  2. And that's not all of them!

  3. okra? yuck! when we had a slow sluggish computer my husband added more memory. That sped things up quite nicely. We didn't have enough memory to run the updated operating system.

  4. Love your confessions.. The cat thing has me in awe. I dont know whether to be good shocked or bad shocked. We lived on a farm growing up and had a lot of random/wild cats but never that many.