Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When It Rains

These puppies go a little crazy.

Our Arkansas weather has been so strange this year. This spring we had tornado after tornado. And while the rest of the state experienced horrific flooding, here in South Arkansas we have had drought conditions. And summer's heatwave hit early. Instead of being lush and green in June, the hay field was brown and crispy. And in spots completely bare. But just before the end of the month, we woke to a cloudy, humid morning. The dogs cut their morning run very short. With his thick coat, Jake just can't take the heat and humidity. Then around 8:00 it start to rain. And it poured. I mean really poured - we got almost 4 inches of rain in less than an hour. We lost power; the road flooded. And just for a short time, the heat wave broke. The dogs could feel a change in the air and begged to get outside.

 They made a beeline for the water backed up around the pond. Nothing like a romp in a giant mudpuddle. When I realized that they weren't coming no matter how loud I called, I ran in to get the camera and noticed that other animals were also enjoying the cooler temperature, lower humidity, and fresh water.

Lucy and Jake noticed the other animals too and were in immediate pursuit.

I panicked just a bit. Several years ago Jed Mercer (Lovey's boxer) had a close call with a mama dear after he found her baby hidden in the hay field. She and two of her doe friends came running when the baby cried. I have never seen deer cross a field and clear a fence so fast. And Jed couldn't get away. I was on the back deck screaming for him to run, calling him to me. Until I realized the doe was hot on his tail and he was almost to me. Then I moved pretty fast myself. Anyway, I just knew Lucy and Jake were about to get themselves in a whole lot of trouble.

I was calling them to me. Screaming for them to come to the house. They were oblivious to my pleas.

But having so much fun chasing each other that they became oblivious to the doe also. It was hard to keep up with them.

After a few circles around the yard, they ran right to me and in the house for some water and A/C.

And that doe, who had readied herself for battle, couldn't decide what to do next. She pranced around for several minutes. Running towards the house, then back into the field, then towards the woods. I think she wanted to play with the dogs.


  1. Wow! What great pictures. I loved seeing these moments on camera, but it certainly sounds a bit nerve wrecking. Glad nobody was hurt :)

  2. I haven't been able to comment on any blogs. But Thanks! Hope this works.

  3. I had that commenting problem too.. What fixed it for me was this..
    Uncheck the box that says "remember me" when you are logging in to comment and it should let you comment.