Sunday, July 17, 2011

I've Been Feeling a Little Disconnected

Finally! I am posting again. My life has been a tad crazy lately and through it all there was a crashing of computer. After my two week camping trip, I had to take Lovey for his final checkup at the doctor whose office is almost 5 hours away, later that day my great nephew made his arrival, after getting mommy and new baby settled, we all shifted into wedding mode. I spent my afternoon napping to recover from a very busy week of decorating. It's sad to say, but my porch is still cluttered with camping things to put away. Craziness! I am looking forward to a much slower week. And am sad to say it will be my last "free" week of summer.

Here are some of my favorite pics of the last few weeks.
an early morning rodeo with Lovey

a crazy romp after a cooling rainstorm

 an amazing sunset

jumps on the 4th

 my great nephew

mini lemon ice box pies on the groom's table - yummy!

Yesterday after the wedding, I crashed. Then I woke up around midnight and couldn't sleep until about 4 a.m. I had to nap this afternoon too. Now, I'm not sleepy. I've got to get my sleep schedule back to somewhat normal.  

There are still some bugs to be worked out, but I'm hoping the computer works for the next post.


  1. i LOVE that picture of jacob running. adorable.

  2. I love that centerpiece with the lemon pies. So creative!

  3. Thanks! And those pies were so yummy!