Friday, September 30, 2011

family friday night

My Friday nights have taken a turn this fall. I love high school football, but without boys on the team, I've only made the home games. And there haven't been many of those. Tonight was another out of town game, so Lovey and I had nothing to do.

Lucy Mercer whined, whimpered, and barked her way through the night (I have no idea why a mouthful of sock causes such whining, but it always does); between the extra bright moon, a windy night and a critter invasion around 2 a.m., sleep was a bit interrupted last night. So today I've had a lack-of-sleep hangover. When I came home from school I told Jus that I needed a 30 minute nap. I woke up two hours later, still so tired that I couldn't focus my eyes for about 20 minutes.

We discussed having a fire tonight, but I decided that I needed a Liz visit. My SIL works weekends, which is great during the summer, but since going back to school I haven't seen her much. So Lovey and I picked up pizza and crashed the other Mercer's house for supper. Liz got a new washer and dryer today. She was trying to catch up on laundry. We noticed the dryer was making a strange noise. I thought that maybe something in the load was banging the dryer and making the noise. She switched loads, and still we heard the noise. She told Joey that something was wrong with the new dryer. After several minutes of conversation between the wives and the husbands, the husbands finally went to check. They had to come back and admit that we were right - something is wrong the new dryer. Suddenly, my week just got better. I love being right - hate that Liz has a brand new dryer and still has dryer issues, but I. Love. Being. Right.

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