Wednesday, September 7, 2011

you just can't complain on days like this

My morning was a bit of a blur - a productive blur, but still a blur. You can read a bit about it here.

Then my afternoon classes came in. Just as the students were settling in, the office called for  all seventh graders to go for school pictures. Picture day is always a bit crazy.

Then my creative writing class came in. Yesterday was such a beautiful day, and we took advantage of it. The girls came in and asked to take class outside. I simply asked that they pay attention to their surrounds and incorporate it into their writing through imagery. So today they read their products. I heard poems, stories, and the best "it's not really anything - I just rambled" that I've ever heard. Those girls inspire me every day.

During seventh period, I got the phone call. The one I had been dreading all day. The one I had avoided.
A few weeks ago brother called, Daddy would be having a biopsy on September 7. The doctors had found a spot on his lungs, and it had gotten bigger. So today, I was glad to be busy. Glad to have the distractions. But the call eventually came.

The procedure was over. The CAT scan was long. Daddy was getting discouraged and nervous. They kept him in the machine for what seemed like such a long time. He was feeling claustrophobic. He was imagining the absolute worst. Finally, the scan ended. And the doctor came in for a conference. They had checked and re-checked.



God is good ALL THE TIME! Who can complain on days like this?

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