Thursday, September 29, 2011

the baby brother's turn

Back in the spring, I helped my brother's girls get ready for prom and then blogged about the day. In that post, I never mentioned that there was a brother in the mix - he's the baby and at this time has no interest in prom.

But he does love football.

And I may have mentioned a time or two that I am really missing having a boy out there playing football this year. So I occasionally find myself at a 7th grade Bulldog game.

I had forgotten 7th grade football.

Where the water jug is important.

And the coaches are on the field.

Other things are new too. My boys were linemen. Watching this guy play is a new game.

Caleb is a thinker, even when he is playing ball. He's one of those kids who listens when you talk. Soaking in every word, mulling over what you've said.

He plays quarterback.  And he's doing a great job.

Watch for the hand-off.

Because this one was a score!

He's not a little boy, and he's pretty tough. But I'm thankful for BIG linemen to protect him.

 Don't see Caleb? It's because he fits behind that lineman who stopped number 72.

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