Friday, September 9, 2011

that's how he rolls

Tonight is the first home football game of the season - I'm excited. I love hometown Friday night high school football. Our school colors are black and white, and tonight the cheerleaders have planned a "black out" night - everyone wears black t-shirts to the game. So when Baby Jus came in from work, I asked him if he had his black t-shirt ready. He answered, "Yes, and I may need you to give me some cash."

After I glared at him for a few minutes, he explained that he had put gas in his truck the day before and used the last of his cash. (We don't have a bank or an ATM where we live - you have to drive to town for fancy stuff like that.) We were discussing how he should have written a check for his gas and kept his cash for the weekend. Then I asked him if he had put his most recent paycheck in the bank.

He was explaining how much he had deposited and how much he had kept, when I interrupted, "Have you called the bank about your ATM card?" (He lost his wallet a few weeks back and had to get a new card; the new one came with the wrong name)

"Yes, yes I did! I actually went in the bank to deposit my check and told the lady that she had put the wrong name on my card."

He just opened his account this summer, and I was so proud to know that he was being responsible and taking care of his own business. "Well, look at you being all grown-up and stuff!"

His answer:

"Yeah, I put on my good overalls and went in to see her. I didn't get all dressed up. I just put on my good overalls. That's how I roll."

Reasons why this cracks me up:

1.  He apparently believes that one pair of overalls is better than another - and he may be right.

2.  When he went in the bank in those good overalls, he probably didn't stick out at all. As a matter of fact, he might have had on better overalls than another customer doing his/her banking.

3. He thought about it enough to know that I would not be happy if he went in looking like a ragamuffin but assumed that overalls were classy enough to make me happy. And I guess it does - cause that's how I roll.

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