Sunday, September 25, 2011

weekend update

I just haven't been about to get myself together lately. I sit down, pull out the computer, start to write a post, then don't. And I can't really say why. Lack of focus. Writer's block. Lazy. Who knows. I'm going to blame BORING. I haven't really felt that I had any excitement to discuss. I was in a small rut. Maybe even a bit of a self endulged pity party. But it has been a great weekend, so I'm going to catch you up.

Ashcraft sisters-in-law watching the game.
Friday night was hometown football. I do miss having my boys out there. And we haven't been going to out of town games, so Friday nights have been a bit sad this year. Our team hasn't had a great start to the year but pulled off a win this time. The weather was great for football, the team was winning, and the company was great. Poor Lovey had to cook burgers for the concession stand. He didn't enjoy the night nearly as much as I did.

Tooke sisters-in-law cheering on those hogs.
Then Saturday morning, my friend Carrie and I got up really early and headed to Little Rock to hit some yard sales. We got a few good buys. I got the buy of the day - two wicker chairs for the front porch for only $25.00. I don't like the cushion fabric so will recover those, but the chairs are great otherwise.

The Ashcrafts
We got back around 11:00, so I was able to rest just a bit before going to the neighbors' to watch the Razorbacks play. That game didn't have such a great ending, but we had a good time with friends. And the food was super. I think some of the group hung around to watch the ASU vs. UCA game. The early morning got the best of me, so Lovey and I came home.

The Mercers
We took a quick trip around the field to check on things. This calf was enjoying dinner.

And has a milk moustache to prove it.

Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Just good company. It makes for a good weekend.

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