Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Confessions from the Lake

I'm still blogging from my so please ignore typos and cross your fingers that I actually get this to link up with Melissa.

I'm looking forward to the campers getting here. Baby Jus, Cousin Chan and I are having a good time, but it's not fun to cook for three people. I'm ready for a good camping meal. I can't seem to get organized either. The boys wanted s'mores tonight so I thought we'd roast hot dogs then do s'mores. I can't find my long forks. I guess they are at home somewhere.
This past week has been busy. I spent Monday afternoon sewing with a new friend. Then Tuesday I had to go buy a new phone. Mine just wasn't dependable. It would freeze up after a call or text. And maybe take an hour to come back on. When it wasn't frozen, I could answer a call but couldn't hear anything. I spent more time trying to reboot it than actually talking or texting. Then Wednesday I used my Mother's day gift certificate. A two hour massage and facial. It was heavenly. It required a trip to Little Rock so we did some baby and wedding shopping also. Then Thursday morning Baby Jus and I were packing when Lovey called. He needed help with a cow and baby calf. We tried to help. But things did t go as planned. More o. That later.

My brother will be here sometime tomorrow to set up his camper. Then Baby Jus has to go home. Lovey needs him. I'm sending the dogs home too. I guess Chan and I will have it a to ourselves for a while.


  1. i hope the cow story has a happy ending.

  2. Lovey gives me an update everyday - so far allis well.