Monday, January 30, 2012

a monday confession

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this. You are allowed to laugh, guffaw, smirk, and look down your nose at me for the rest of the night.

I'm sitting here on a Monday night watching The Bachelor. Truthfully, I'm so tired of the show. It gets more and more ridiculous with each season's bachelor or bachlorette. But it's like a bad wreck on the interstate - I just can't help but look.

And honestly, if I weren't watching this show over the top of the computer screen, Lovey would have it on some even more ridiculous episode of Pawn Stars or Swamp Loggers or Moonshiners. And I get so tired of those. Do you know that almost any time of the day or night he can find one of his crazy shows playing. And if he can't find one of those - there's always something on the Weather Channel. Really? I don't care what the temperature is in Cincinnati. Or that Chicago is experiencing another lake-effect snowstorm.

So on Mondays, I claim the remote and put it on ABC. The Bachelor is followed by Castle - which IS one of my favorite shows. And if someone makes a move like they might change the channel, I growl like Lucy when Jake gets close to one of her socks.

So be honest - what are you secretly watching?


  1. Replies
    1. christy did you just comment on michelle's blog and you rarely comment on mine? i'm appalled.

  2. i have never watched the bachelor. i won't know what it's like to watch tv in the evenings for several years now. i dvr all my shows and watch them when the kids are in bed so i usually have a good csi, grey's anatomy or movie to watch when i get a chance.

  3. it's horrible trash, even while i'm watching i ask myself why i'm watching yet i don't change the channel