Sunday, November 20, 2011

thirty days of thanksgiving 20

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good and his loyal love endures.
- 1 Chronicles 16:34

O Lord, your loyal love reaches to the sky; your faithfulness to the clouds.
- Psalms 36:5

I haven't forgotten about writing my thanksgiving posts for the last few days, I've just been in such a funk.

The first night that I skipped it I was just so tired, and I thought, "What difference does one day make?"

And then the next night I thought about posting and then thought, "What difference does it make; not many people read my blog."

And before I knew it I was having myself a full blown pity party. To the point that I could barely stand to be around myself.

Isn't it wonderful that God loves us even when we are at our most unloveable.

Isn't it amazing that God loves us even when we push him away.

Isn't is amazing that God knows what is on our hearts, and He hears our prayers even when we aren't able to put them into words.

Father, thank you for you enduring love. Thank you that when my foot is slipping, your loyal love supports me. Thank you for listening to my prayers and knowing what weighs heavy on my heart when I can't even put it into words.


  1. I like reading your blog. It makes me still feel connected to Woodlawn even though I don't live there anymore! I miss my Woodlawn friends and family.

  2. Thanks. And the Byrds are missed around here. Doesn't matter who lives in that house, it will always be the Byrds house.

  3. Hey! I read your blog!Just because I don't comment every time I check in doesn't mean I don't enjoy what you write. Keep it up. And is that cmbyrd Marie?