Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Woohoo! W4D1 is done! I did it. It was slow going, and I may be worthless the rest of the day. But I finished it. I doubted myself all day yesterday an last night, even talked myself out of trying it a few times. Mainly because I knew that if I tried to run it and didn't finish then I would be so ready to just throw in the towel. And I want to finish this program. I worried about finishing for several reasons: First, it's week 4, and I've never done week 4. Six minutes of running is daunting when I still think of myself as not being able to run six seconds. This week o the program has been my brick wall several times. And my normal running is on a gravel road. A very flat gravel road. Today I ran on a paved road. I'm not a "real" runner, but I know that the running surface does affect my run. There's a huge difference in running on my hard dry rocky, dry road and in running on my road after a rain. And I'm camping at Greers Ferry. The hills here have me huffing and puffing when I walk to the bathhouse and back. Then I also had to take into consideration that I am on a girls trip. Lots of sun, late nights, and possibly more alcohol consumed than normal. Yesterday was our first full day at camp, and I woke up at 4:30. The weather was perfect for sitting around a fire last night, so we did. An I didn't go to bed until midnight. I've missed several hours of sleep. But I had planned to run this morning. When I got up I knew I had to try. So I left Carrie to make the coffee and Liz to cook breakfast, and I told Carrie that if I wasn't back after 30 minutes to come looking for me. I'll walk some today, tomorrow, and Friday. I'm planning to do W4D2 Saturday when I'm back at home on flat lands. That little hill I go up as I run from the bottoms towards the highway will seem like a bump in the road after running these REAL hills. I wish I could link to the #4realfitnesschallenge posts. But I'm doing this from my phone (please accept that as both an apology and an explanation for any spelling and/or mechanical errors) and I just don't think I can manage the links.

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