Monday, June 18, 2012

slow your roll

It's hard to imagine that some people are just now, today, having their last day of school. But it's true - it was tweeted! It just makes me sad; they now have their entire summer just waiting to be enjoyed. And mine is close to being half over. I just can't stand it. Someone stop the clock!

I've seen so many summer bucket lists. And I said several weeks ago that I would write one, but the sangria was so tasty that I finished it instead. I have been formulating plans in my head - they've just never made it to paper. But today I think I will begin my list.

1. Finish C25K app. Definitely at the top of my list. And I'm getting close. Almost. I did w5d2 this morning. It was hard. My pace is slow. My toe hurts. I have found my hip flexors, and we don't get along. My toe hurts. My arm band irritates the underside of my arm. My toe hurts. But I'm on week 5. And today I ran with friends. It was still dark, and we ran down a little side road, but they saw me running. And we have plans to run again tomorrow morning. Never thought I'd be making running dates - and getting up at to run at 5:15.

2. Revamp dining room table. I ordered new chairs a week or so ago. I have half of them put together. I want to paint and distress my table. But it's not going to happen until after my next lake trip.

3. Go zip lining. We have plans to do this while we are at the lake. I. Can't. Wait. I'm terribly, terribly afraid of heights. But I have to do this.

4. Finish organizing my craft room. I started on it way back in the winter. I want it done. Soon.

5. Lake it up. I've been camping twice already but still have the longest trip to go. I leave in just a few days. Got to get busy packing.

6. Finish some "honey-do" projects around the house. There are two holes in the sheet rock that Gingy the boxer chewed the last time she was here for recovery. And it's been a while since they have had to recover here at the house. The back door in the kitchen was blown open in a storm two or three summers ago. The door facing was damaged. Lovey started working on the knob and lost an important part; it was never found. I bought a new knob, but it can't be installed until the facing is repaired. Several rooms need some painting updates. Whew, I'm getting tired just thinking of all that needs done.

7. Make "sisters day" at The Country Store.  Every Wednesday my momma and several of her siblings meet for lunch. We call it "sisters day" even though a brother or two shows up each week. There are aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends each week, and I usually let the summer sneak by without making many visits.

8. Do some canning. I've made pickles, jam, and marmalade so far. I still want to can some jalapeno peppers. And maybe some tomato juice. Maybe.

9. Sew. I've got several projects planned. Just have to get that craft room organized so that I can get in there and sew. My niece asked about a project that I promised her but haven't finished yet. - and I hate to disappoint the nieces.

10. Float my day away. I plan on doing this at the lake. A full day of just floating. No boat rides. No projects. No school stuff. Just me and my floatie.

11. Pull an all nighter. Not the kind that yo may be thinking. A reading all nighter. I usually have several during the summer, but the running thing is messing that up. I'd rather run in the mornings - be done before 8:30, 9 at the latest - so I haven't let myself stay up past midnight too many times.

The list isn't too long yet. I'll add to it as the summer goes by. Honestly, this pretty much fills up my summer. I have to allow room for last minute activities. And things that can't be changed like VBS and professional development days. And pool days - gotta have some pool days.

I have a few days of PD this week. I'm helping my sister with a school project today. But hopefully I can get at least a small project finished before going back to the lake next week. After this trip the time just flies and the first day of work will sneak up on me. I think the planets line up in some strange formation and cause a time warp or something. July just goes by so fast. How will I have time to get it all in?

So what's on your summer bucket list?

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