Monday, June 4, 2012

on the road again

#girlstrip! woohoo!

If just planning and anticipation are any indication, this year's annual girls only camping trip will be one for the record books. We were scheduled to leave tomorrow, but we decided to start the fun a day early and are pulling out in just a few hours. It's really cloudy here right now and may be raining at the lake, but we should meet the clouds heading south as we travel north.

When we decided yesterday that we would leave a day early, I had to kick it in gear. On my other camping trips I don't do too much at-home prep, but for the girls trip I do. We like to make the meals as delicious and as easy as possible. So I made chicken salad, washed and prepped all the vegetables for grilling and omelets, prepared the broccoli salad and dressing so that it just has to be tossed together, and packed the ice chest. Friday I did most of my clothes packing. Now I just have to load a few things in the truck, hook up to my little pop-up, and pull out.

We've left the husbands two fridges full of yummy food for grilling. They may eat better than us - but I doubt it.

I stumbled out of bed in a fog this morning. As I got ready for my run, my eyes weren't focusing correctly, and I didn't notice that my c25k was set for a repeat of w3d1 instead of w3d3. It's exactly the same run, so times don't matter - but I want it to say that I completed w3d3. I felt pretty good while running. And was even thinking bring on w4d1 (which is my nemesis). I guess I jinxed myself by being just a bit too cocky. Because believe me, w4d1 is going to kick my ass! But now I have a dilemma: re-run w3d3 with the app so that it is marked complete or skip it and go on to w4d1. I'm mentally ready for week 4, I've pumped myself up for week 4, I've planned to begin week 4 on Wednesday. But I think not having week 3 completed (even though I did run the three days) will possibly drive me nuts. I could do w3d3 tomorrow but then I'll need to not run s4d1 until Thursday. this is just throwing my entire schedule off.

I'm hoping that I have enough cell service to get in a post from my phone on Wednesday; otherwise it'll be the weekend before I'm back.

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