Wednesday, June 13, 2012

it's done - and i'm alive to tell about

If I die this week, make sure that my tombstone reads she finally finished week 4 of her c25k app and I want it in really fancy font! And go ahead and hang my running shoes on the corner - just for good measure.

I have really been ignoring the blog lately. I just realized that my last post was from the lake. I've been home since Friday afternoon. Well, I did leave again on Sunday but it was just an overnight trip. I'm going to blame it all on the toe.

After I posted last Tuesday, I was on a runner's high that lasted for the next 24 or so hours - until I broke my toe. It's all fun and games until someone breaks a toe. My exercise plans were to walk each of the remaining mornings at the lake and then run on Saturday. But Wednesday I just barely bumped my toe on a rock while getting in the water. Without even looking, I knew it was probably broken. The water was cold, so I just dangled my foot in it for the rest of the afternooon and tried not to think about it. But when the time came to climb back to the camper - I was clearly reminded. After that I walked to the bath house a few times, but no real walking. I tried to put my shoes on for walking Thursday morning but QUICKLY changed my mind. But Saturday morning I knew I had to get back on track. I put the shoe on and finished w4d2. The toe hurt. I've been only wearing flip flops - real shoes hurt. But after a while, the toe goes numb - or I just hurt everywhere else so much that I forget about the toe - or there's not enough oxygen getting to the brain to know just where I'm really hurting.

Instead of walking before church Sunday morning, I made pickles. I went with my mom and sister-in-law to watch Caleb play at basketball camp later Sunday evening. After the game we went back to the hotel and paddled around in the pool for about 45 minutes. It wasn't a hard workout, but I had arms and/or legs moving the entire time. Then Monday morning I got up to hit the hotel gym. I wanted to do w4d3. But when I put those running shoes on, I knew that I would never finish on a treadmill. I don't like walking on a treadmill - I think my stride changes, and my shins always hurt. There was an elliptical machine in the gym, so I climbed on, stuck in my earbuds, and took off. At the end of 30 minutes I was a sweaty mess. And I never had to lift my poor little toe and slam it back down. Then yesterday morning I didn't run because it was raining. It started late Monday evening and rained most of the night. I knew the road would be so muddy. And I really wasn't sure about the rain and my phone. My running app is on my phone - I need that little man talking in my ear. I love to hear - you are half way there. I just can't make it without him yet. So how do you real runners do it? How do you run in the rain? What do you do differently? Even though I planned to run later in the day, I never got around to it. I'm just going to have to make time every morning - I never get back to it in the evening.

This morning I finished week 4. It was doable. I'm not ready to say that I felt GREAT, but I will commit to PRETTY GOOD. When I started, the toe was killing me! I wanted to take the easy way out and just go back to the house. But I wanted to run more. Yes, you read that correctly - I wanted to run more. Seriously? I don' know what is going on, but I just sucked it up and ran. And while I was pushing the envelope, I ran right on past not just one nieghbor's house, but two! I was running right out in the open! And to the neighbor who was working in his yard I have two things to say:

1. Why weren't you at work on a Wednesday morning?
2. I know that you were really confused. That wasn't a slow-motion replay - that was me running at full speed with all my jiggley stuff jiggling away. Sorry. I'm going to run every few days sometime between 6:30 and 9:00 - you may want to stay in the house with the blinds closed during those times.

As I ran past and flipped a quick wave in his general direction, I couldn't help but think of Heather's running-porn post.

I've completed my third week of #4realfitnesschallenge. Really? It's been three weeks already? Oh, this just makes me sad. Three weeks of my summer have flown by. I have so many projects to complete, so many books to read, so much fun to have. And three weeks have gone by in the blink of an eye. Someone please stop the clock! As much as I hate to say it, one of my to-do's is some deep cleaning this week. UGH! I have to say that I looked ahead to see what next week and the next would bring. A twenty minute run is just days away - days! I would rather suffer through the twenty minutes now than go clean. But...I'm gonna attempt the cleaning today. If you want to call with a better plan (better being ANYTHING else), I would probably join you.

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