Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been a Monday - all day long

This past weekend I caught up on some much needed rest. The last few weeks have just kicked my butt. I can't name any one, or even two or three particular things that wore me out - but I was worn out. Well, maybe I can. I haven't been getting enough sleep. Lucy Mercer was very uncomfortable in the last week or so of her pregnancy, and then we had a box full of whining, whimpering puppies for several weeks.We still have four puppies, but they are sleeping in another room.

 And somewhere in there we had Benchmark testing at school. Preparing for the tests all year is demanding, administering the tests all week is draining, waiting for results is nerve racking.

 The end of April brought Easter dinner at my house and planning a senior picnic.

May arrived just as Baby Jus had his last day of school, and Lovey had to go to the doctor (who is five hours away). Then came Mother's day. I don't enjoy this day. I would like to ignore it. It is a very stressful day. Then graduation and a cookout for the graduate.

I slept more hours Saturday than I had the entire week combined. It was great. And to be quite honest - I could have done the same thing again on Sunday.

And today, I am so thankful for a restful weekend. It's just Monday, and my week is looking pretty stressful. This morning, my brother and I drove to Little Rock to be with my daddy. He had surgery to remove a tumor from his bladder. This is the fourth finding of bladder cancer in 3 1/2 years. Surgery went well, and he should get to go home tomorrow. While we were waiting for Daddy to go in to surgery, my mom texted me. My stepdad was being admitted to the hospital at home. He has been experiencing bouts of dizziness and nauesia for the last week or so. He has gone to the doctor a few times and has been treated for Vertigo. He had a check up scheduled today and was very dizzy when he got there. The doctor sent him to the hospital for tests. They are checking for blockage. Brother and I stopped by there before we came home. The doctor arrived while we were there. Thankfully, the MRI should no signs of a stroke. A few more tests are scheduled for tomorrow. What a day.

Thursday, Lovey will have surgery on his vocal cords. This will require another very long drive.

Thank goodness I got a good rest on Saturday - I may be doing the same thing next Saturday.


  1. i'm sorry to hear all of this. i'll keep your family in my prayers.

  2. Thanks Melissa. It is much appreciated.