Wednesday, May 30, 2012

week 1 done

Last week decided to join Jasmine and Heather in their #4realfitnesschallenge. The idea is to commit to 40 minutes of fitness 4 days of the week for 4 weeks. Today ends my first week - and I'm still alive to tell about it.

I love Heather's running/porn analogy. I feel much the same way. The thought of someone watching me run is not a happy thought. It's the exact reason that I only walked while I was at the lake. I did lots and lots of walking. I got in lots of exercise. But I just couldn't get up the nerve to break out in a run. I planned to. I thought about it. I prepared for it. But I came up with every excuse not to. And I just walked.

I've mentioned before that I am determined to finish my c25k app this summer. Several times in the last year I have gotten to week 4 and, for one reason or another, not conquered it. But that's going to change soon. Today I finished week 3 day 1. It was hard. And my pace was embarrassingly slow. But I finished it. As I was running up that last little hill, I had a running conversation going on in my head.
 I can't run another time.
Oh yes, you can. And you WILL.
Nope, can't do it. This knee is killing me, and I just can't do it.
You are going to do it. You will not quit. Even if you have to drag that leg behind you.
And then the wonderful words COOL DOWN. I was so glad to hear it. And I've looked at the next run; it's a repeat of today's so I know I can do it too.

I have walked every or done the c25k app every morning this week. Tonight is our end of the year UMY swim party and lock-in. There will be no running or walking in the morning. I think I'll do some stretching, maybe some yoga tomorrow and let these legs have a day to rest so that I can work on increasing my pace some on Friday.

So Wednesday's will be my day to report my weekly progress. And guess what? Next Wednesday I will be camping again. I'll be pulling out Tuesday morning for 4 days of fun on a girls only trip. Hopefully I'll have enough service to post from my phone. I've only camped at this place one other time; the people there don't know me - maybe I'll get up enough courage to run while I'm there. I will be camping with a friend who is a runner. Can I run in public with a real runner? Hmmmm?


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    1. thanks for the encouragement. i'm determined to complete the c25k program this summer.

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    1. thanks for the support - it does help