Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lucy Finds a Friend

Lucy Mercer, Great American Cat Wrangler, has had a very difficult last few weeks. She had to make emergency trips to the vet twice. Once to get her puppies. And once to get calcium injections because she had so many puppies to feed. But she is feeling much, much better. So much so that she is back to wrangling those pesky cats who live in HER yard.

This morning she was out in the yard. On the prowl, looking for a cat that needed wrangling. Just daring somebody to run. But no kitties were in the mood to run. In fact, many of them wouldn't even come out into the open. It had just stopped raining, and the yard was still a bit wet. She did spy a big orange tomcat, one that she loves to chase because he always runs and runs before going up a tree or into a good hiding spot. She tried and tried, but that tomcat just wouldn't budge.

She didn't give up. And in her search, she discovered something new, something she had never seen before.

She went very close to inspect this new creature.

She hoped that with a little prodding, maybe this new friend would join her for a game of chase.

As it turned out, the new friend wasn't at all interested in a game of chase.

Lucy explained that she wanted ever so much to chase something, anything, this morning.


Lucy even offered to give him a headstart. But no, he wouldn't play.

In fact, he even looked a little grouchy when she asked.

After several minutes of asking, Lucy gave up and went back to looking for kitties to wrangle.

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