Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Confession, Again

Saturday is finally here - why do some weeks seem so much longer than others? And again, I'm linking up with Melissa and her Saturday Confession.

 After many years of teaching 7th grade, I have reverted to adolescent memory loss. Or maybe I'm at that age where adolescent memory loss and senior memory loss are equal? I just thought of that. I could be making some great scientific discovery right now. Yet I can't remember my original point...Oh yeah, memory. And 7th grade. A few weeks ago, my glasses broke. I didn't break them - they were just absolutely worn out, and they gave up. I pulled out some cheater-readers (that I bought a few weeks before when I went to a textbook caravan and realized I had forgotten my glasses). I can't stand cheaters. I hate looking over the rims to see anything other than what is immediately in front of me. But I have adjusted. Had adjusted. One night this week, they just dissappeared. One minute I had them; the next they were gone. Never to be found again. I thought I would be back in contacts for a while. Until we jumped in the truck to go check on Lovey's brother's farm after the storm. We were riding along, and I couldn't read anything on my phone. Lovey handed me his glasses. They are usually hidden under the pile of papers on his dashboard. I sometimes forget that he even has them. Apparently he does too because when he needs to read something at night, he steals mine. Anyway. I have been wearing his glasses all week. I thought that since they were just lonely on his dash most of the time he wouldn't miss them. Well guess what? Some time between 3:15 and 5:00 yesterday, Lovey's glasses just dissappeared. One minute I had them, I was wearing them, I was reading with them, and the next, gone!

I need to call my mom. We need a parent/teacher conference to discuss the lost glasses.

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