Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Confessions

1. For Easter lunch, I fried chicken, made lots of deviled eggs, whipped up some yummy twice baked potatoes, cooked some carrots, and enjoyed a wonderfully fun family potluck/egg hunt/kite flying. And I haven't cooked supper since. Yes, it's Saturday, and I haven't cooked supper in over a week can't remember the last night I cooked supper. That's sad.

2. I haven't blogged at all in the past week. Honestly, I haven't accomplished much at all. Two nights of storms kept me glued to the TVphonecomputer. I have my own little weather nest around me, and I can't quit watching. I have always been scared of storms but thought that I was getting better; I was sadly mistakened. All of the available technology just allows me to feel somewhat in control (which I truly know can't happen).

3. Tuesday afternoon, just after I got home from school, we stood on our front porch and watched this funnel cloud form about two miles north of our house. It was heading east. My brother lives east of here. I called/texted him, his wife, and each of their three children about a thousand times. I wanted them to get in a safe location. My brother thinks I sometimes overreact - I am going to church with him in the morning; I think I'll take my computer and show him these pictures.

4. Baby Jus just finished his last full week of high school. He only has two more days of school. He is extremely happy about this; I am sad. Because I am one of the senior class sponsors, I was able to attend his senior picnic on Friday. We had a great day. The weather was beautiful, and the food was delicious. The kids spent the day fishing, playing volley ball or kick ball, throwing horse shoes, and eating crawfish. I hope that each took away some great memories. I taught them in 7th and 8th grades, watched many of them play ball since elementary, and have been their class sponsor since 7th grade - I already miss them. I won't make it through graduation ceremonies.

(I love this pic. The mud boots at the end is a girl, and she was the only one fishing.)

5. I am linking up with afamiliarpath. Melissa has a really cute button; I don't know how to get it here.


  1. to get the button you copy the code below the button
    and then paste it into your site by first clicking the html button at the top left (i think) of your writing box (where you type your post). paste in the code then click back over to compose or whatever blogger calls not html.
    but you don't have to use it.

    i love the last picture too. so cute!
    my cousin's husband saw that cloud too and he started driving south. scary.

  2. thanks. i made several attempts but couldn't get it. i knew to get the code but after that i was lost. i just can't stand it when i can't make something work.