Monday, June 27, 2011

A good ending to a great Monday

Well, the crew is slowly rolling in. Right now, this moment is one of my favorite things about camping. We just finished a simple but extremely yummy dinner, Cousin Chan and neighbor Alec are between campsites playing a variety of outdoor games, Alec's dad is sitting nearby watching the boys, and his mom just returned from a run. Friends across are finishing their dinner. It's quiet evening. And I love it. My brother and his family are finally finished with baseball and on their way. There have been several texts and calls to confirm the impending arrival.

Today we lounged on floaties in a secluded little cove. A few passing waves gave us the occasional wave action. Carolyn just told me that I've got my lake raccoon eyes started. Every year my tan gets all jacked up from sunglasses. I have white circles around my eyes and my nose gets very brown. Imagine a jack o'lantern nose. I do sunscreen, but it still happens.

Tonight's dinner included stuffed mushrooms. They were very simple and oh so tasty. I browner a pound of sausage with 1/2 red onion and 3 garlic cloves. Mixed this with softened cream cheese, one can of green chilis, a bit of oregano, Greek seasoning and salt and pepper. Then stuffed several medium portebello mushrooms. I planned to grill them, but it was just so hot and we didn't have anything else to grill, so I cooked them in the electric skillet with the lid on.

Now to do some dishes. Haven't really done any since I got here on Thursday.

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