Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cinderella and Her Beautiful Baby Sister Go the Ball

It's been a loooong time since I was in high school. And since I have sons, I miss out on the excitement and glam that is prom. But not this year. My brother's girls both went to prom tonight. The last prom for the oldest and the first prom for the youngest.

Friday night, Brooke, my oldest niece, and I met up with the sisters as they were getting mani's and pedi's. I took pics with Booke's camera so don't have any tonight that I can post. But we had a great time. And a great dinner.

Today Brooke and I went over to help with the glamming up! We recruited Brooke's best friend Jamie to help with hair. I was on make-up. And Brooke was the designated photographer. Her job was to document the entire process so that the sister-in-law could witness the process. She was away because of a family emergency. I did manage to get a few shots with my camera after the hair and make-up was done, and dresses were on.

Every fairy princess needs a great pair of shoes. And I love these.

Papparazzi ain't got nothing on momma's when it's prom time! These kids couldn't get away if they tried. And there will be enough pics so that the sister-in-law will feel as if she were there. 

Emily and Hannah were leaving early, so they were outside taking pics while I was inside finishing up Abby's make-up.

Now Abby gets to join the party.

Dresses just weren't this cute when I was going to prom! I'm jealous!

The beautiful sisters. I love these two!

Always have to get a few silly pics.

Abby and her bestie, Julie. These two have fun all the time!

And here's the date.

Hoping they are having a blast and making some fabulous memories.!

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