Tuesday, February 7, 2012

not the magic but still good

Before I left for work today, I forgot all about pulling something from the freezer for supper. So all day I wondered what I might cook.  When the puppies and I were on our afternoon walk, I got my idea. The walk was just a tad chilly, and I knew that Lovey would be cold when he came home. So I decided on potato chowder. Not magic potato soup - you gotta save the magic for when it's really needed. But potato chowder is almost as good - just no magic.

When I got in from my walk, I chopped about 6 pieces of bacon and threw them in the pot to brown.

What smells better than bacon frying? Baby Jus and Lovey both came in the back door with their noses in the air.

While that bacon was cooking, I washed and chopped some Yukon Gold potatoes. When the bacon was just about perfect, I added the chopped potatoes to the pan. Every now and then I gave them a stir.

The idea is to let them just begin to brown. Throw in some salt, garlic powder, and black pepper. Then cover the potatoes with water. Reduce the heat so that there is a slow boil going on in the pot. I once read that potatoes are ready when you can stick a fork in easily, lift the potato out of the water, and if the potato slides from the fork back into the water, it is done. This is true, but for this chowder let them cook just a bit longer. And stir them occasionally. While the potatoes were cooking, I stirred up some cornbread muffins and put them in the oven.

BTW. This is how I cook every meal.

Sometimes Lucy Mercer actually sits ON my feet.

When the potates are godd and soft add a can of corn and some milk. Let it cook a few minutes longer to thicken just a bit. The potato chowder is just right to pour over a cornbread muffin.

But be careful - those potatoes are hot and WILL burn the roof of your mouth. Lovey can attest to that fact tonight.

And I've got plenty of leftovers for lunch tomorrow. 

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