Wednesday, February 29, 2012

showing a little leg

For the last few years, Wednesday has been teacher t-shirt day at school. Each year we get a faculty t-shirt. These shirts have our "theme" for the year. It makes for a comfortable mid-week outfit. Occasionally I have one of those weekends where I forget to wash the shirt, or a week where I just can't find it. I know it's a little crazy that I wouldn't be able to find something that I wear every week, but it happens. Any way, have you gotten the idea that Wednesdays make for an easy "get ready" day.

All Wednesdays are nice. But today - this particular Wednesday - was GRAND.

Not only was it a t-shirt day, but I also wore capris and flip flops. Capris and flip flops people. No, I don't believe that I'll get to wear flip flops for the rest of the year. But knowing that flip flop days are coming just tickles me - all the way down to my freshly pedicured toes.

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