Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the anti-valentine or you are not the boss of me

For the last two days my creative writing students have worked on anti-valentine projects. They wrote anti-valentine's sayings for candy hearts. And then they wrote acrostic LOVE poems.

And I truly enjoyed their finished products. This year I've been quite the cupid-killer.

It's not that I'm anti-holiday. I'm not anti-love. And I think it's truly stupid that single people get upset because of the focus on couples during Valentine's day. If you don't want to celebrate a holiday, then don't.

I don't want flowers. I don't expect diamonds. I do love Godiva chocolates, but Lovey doesn't do computers, so I know he would never order online. Tonight Lovey and I had hamburgers and frozen french fries for supper - in front of the TV. I hate fighting the crowds to go out for supper. And he asked for burgers when I gave him the option to chose something else.

But I swear, I'm not anti-love. I love my husband. I just don't like to be told when to celebrate that love.

I don't like mother's day or father's day or grandparent's day.

My anti-Valentineitis is all about me not liking to be bossed around.

That's why I let Lovey buy me a Valentine's present a few weeks ago when I hosted a Silpada party. Because if the gift comes on an ordinary day, then no one bossed me into anything.

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