Monday, February 27, 2012

how about a quickie

The last week has been crazy for me. I left home last Tuesday morning, went to work, left work and went to Little Rock for a two day committee meeting. Came home for a few hours Thursday night. And then left Friday morning for a weekend youth convention in Rogers. There was no time at all for blogging. I thought that I would be able to post something Tuesday and Wednesday nights, but the wi-fi at the hotel was horribly slow.

But Wednesday was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a walk at the Big Dam Bridge. When on my way there, I decided to make a quick at a flea market/junk place. The night before I had picked up a few spring things to add at home. And just before I left the junk place, I found a robin print. For only 15 bucks. I grabbed it knowing just where I wanted to hang it at home.

But I didn't like the old, honey pine color of the frame. And it was dinged up pretty bad. I knew that I could give it a coat of paint and change the look fairly easily.

And the more I thought about it and looked at the picture, I decided I just didn't like that 1990 "country blue" mat around the print. But the more I looked at the actual print, the more I liked those robins.

So, when I got out of my meeting a little earlier than expected on Thursday, I decided that if I hurried, I could do a quickie and remake this print into something much better.

I took it all apart. Gave the frame a paint job with a "hammered brown" spray paint. Put a few coats of a springy yellow on that yucky mat. Cleaned the glass. And put it all back together.

There was already a print hanging in the spot that I wanted to hang my new print, so I didn't have to do any work there.

Look at the difference of the before hanging in my kitchen...

And the after hanging in the same spot.

sorry for the glare

It's amazing what a bit of paint can do! And I love the yellow mat with this print.

This robin print is my new favorite. I love walking by and catching a glimpse of it. At first I thought it would be great for spring, but I'm now thinking it may stay all year.

These pictures don't do it justice. I'm telling you it was a quickie. I was only home for a couple of hours that day. I did the painting, left again, and then came back late that night and put it all back together so that I could hang it before leaving for the weekend.

This project makes me wonder just how many times I have walked away from something I really liked, when it could have been easily transformed with just a bit of paint. And what else do I have that could be painted "hammered brown" withoug too much effort - I'm loving that frame.

Do you have a quickie project that could be done with just a coat of new paint?


  1. wow! just changing the mat color made the print loook totally different! looks great! Thank you for sharing with us at Uncommon! Bonnie ;)

  2. I'm all about changing color lately! Thanks so much for sharing them on Six Sister's Stuff! Hope to see you again!
    The Sisters