Friday, February 17, 2012

lucy mercer meets a movie star

Lucy Mercer, Great American Cat Wrangler.

When last you saw her, she seemed so calm, so peaceful, so lazy. But...

Lounging in the sun on a lazy morning.

She has grand adventures. I've written about some few of them. Here. Here. Here.

Like all great American heroes, she has a sidekick who joins her on many escapades. Here. Here. Aaaannnddd Here.

Like all great American heroes, she has garnered a small following. She has groupies -those who love to be in her presence. Just a few weeks ago, I had a Silpada jewelry party. Several friends came - most for the jewelry, but a few for Lucy. My little blonde preschool neighbor came in excitedly asking, "Where is you pony?" She meant Lucy.

And like all great American heroes, she sometimes has a run-in with the rich and famous. Or at least as close to the rich and famous as we get in south Arkansas. Unfortunately for us, this week she crossed paths with the famous Pepe Le Pew. Emphasis on Le Pew.

Wednesday night she wanted to go out just before bed time. Lovey warned her that she had to come right back in - she's been hanging out really late this week. (Monday night Jus was outside looking for her at about 11:00. She slept in the laundry room that night because she was so wet when he finally got her inside.) Jacob went out with her but came right back. I knew we had a problem when she wasn't back within 10 minutes.

After about 20 minutes Lovey went out to hunt her down and drag back. I grumbled when he knocked on the front door instead of just opening it and bringing her inside. When I jerked the door open calmly opened the door; he simply said, "Smell."  With one whiff, the Pew part of Pepe Le Pew filled my nostrils. I quickly packed her an overnight bag (pillow and a blanket) and sent her to the chicken house to sleep.

Like many celebrity encounters, Lucy, as well as the rest of us, won't soon forget the day she met Pepe Le Pew. We are reminded with each breathe - uh, sniff. And if you come to see me any time soon you will be able to experience a bit of the excitement yourself when you step into the laundry room where we tried to wash away the memory - three times so far.

And now I've got to go find a skunk - before Lucy finds him again.

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