Saturday, May 5, 2012

the 15 minute project...

...that took me 2 months to complete.

Or maybe longer. Seriously. Many, many weeks ago I was watching HGTV - I think. It was that show where they feature a beautiful designer room that costs a bazillion dollars, show it to a normal couple and let them fall in love with it, then copy the design for something like $19.99 plus tax. You know the one? Anyway, that day the designer room was a dining room, and just like that poor, unsuspecting couple, I fell in love with that room. Which is even more sad for me, because I don't have a dining room to decorate at all. I loved the lighting for the room. I loved the table and chairs. I loved the mirror on a side wall. But I knew I couldn't have any of those things. And I loved, loved, loved the terrariums as a centerpiece for the dining room table. Terrariums. Like from the '70's. Now THAT I could do.

A few weeks later I went to Little Rock and was able to find a large round container and two apothecary jars. I was so excited to make the project. And then I couldn't find plants for terrariums. So for several weeks the jars just rode around in the back of my truck. I have no idea how they didn't get broken.

Finally, I found some plants at Lowes. But I forgot to pick up some rocks. So the plants have been sitting on my kitchen bar for weeks. And quite honestly, I got so busy with the prom stuff at school that I just couldn't worry about terrariums. (I did consider making them to use as centerpieces for the food table - a genuine '70's vibe.) I have several projects that have backed up because of that darn prom. I was so busy the few weeks before and so tired the week after, that absolutely nothing else got done.

But tonight, I decided that I wanted those terrariums done! So I dug around in several of my stashes and found some rocks. I found an old screen that the cats had ruined and cut it to use. And I had everything else ready to go.

First, carefully add rocks to the container. I was so worried that I would carelessly bang the side and crack it.

After the rocks were in place, I cut the screen to fit. This will hopefully help to contain the dirt.

Next I added the plants. There was no plan. I just put them in where I thought they would fit.

Then I added more dirt to fill the area.

I carefully watered them, and they were done. Seriously about 15 minutes and they were done.

I'm in love.

Do they make my living room look like the bazillion dollar designer room?

Maybe not. But I do think I'm getting closer to the $19.99 bargain room.

see the laundry basket reflection? i stayed up tonight to get some laundry done but this project was more fun than laundry

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  1. This is just beautiful, no matter how long it took you to finish! Love it! We hope to see you back next week to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

    1. thanks so much! i have truly enjoyed it since it has been finished.