Wednesday, May 2, 2012

to coupon, or not to coupon

After school today, I had to run to get groceries. I went to Pine Bluff. I traipsed all over the store to fill my buggy and then headed to a register. Isn't that always fun? The gamble at the register.

- Go for a short line only to discover that the cashier is a slow motion queen. Or the one I hate the most analyzes each and every item that I put on the belt. And asks me what it tastes like. Or where I found it.

- Look for someone with very little in her buggy. And then listen to her scream at her husband and/or kids for 10 minutes. Or watch helplessly as the kids come out of nowhere and slowly fill her buggy with their items.

- Find the one line that is moving at a reasonable speed only to have someone move in from behind and crowd MY space. Sometimes I can't even punch in my debit card code because the person behind me is so freaking close. I have been known to give said person's buggy a slight "bump" to remind him/her that there is such a thing as too close.

Today I was dreading the line. The store was very busy. But somehow I found a line that had one family mid-checkout. They had a full load, but the conveyor belt was moving quickly. As I started loading the my things on the belt (in the proper order, of course), I noticed that the woman was price matching almost everything. It wasn't slowing up the checkout process at all. I was amazed at her ability to quote prices from various stores. My sister has always been able to tell me the price of items in her pantry. Many times she has excitedly told me that one grocery store or another is running ketchup for .72 a bottle or something like that. And I always have to ask if that is good or bad. Today the woman in front of me kept glancing my way. I finally told her that I was impressed with her ability to quote the prices. Her husband teased that she has hopes of being an extreme couponer. She explained that they were a one income family and couldn't get by without couponing and price matching groceries and essential household items.

Why did this make me a little uncomfortable? I felt a little guilty with my overly filled buggy and not one thing planned ahead or priced matched or even a single coupon. And I still can't tell you how much I paid for one single item in the buggy. I take that back - there's one thing, just one, that I know the price of.

We all have different talents and gifts. Mine is definitely not menu planning or grocery shopping. I got to my car, went to get gas, and realized that I had forgotten one of the main things I had gone in to get. I'm just not cut out for grocery shopping.  But I sure wish that I was a lot better at price matching and coupon clipping.

Do you extreme coupon? Do you price match? Do you crowd the person in front of you in the check out line? Or do you give a little bump to those crowders behind you?

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