Monday, May 21, 2012

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

It seems as though I've been channeling that little engine all day long.

Getting out of bed this morning was a challenge. Last night my back was hurting so I took a muscle relaxer before going to bed. But honestly, I don't think it had anything to do with the difficulty in getting up. My sister tweeted this morning that her body had made the switch to summertime already - I think mine has too. So I had to tell myself, "I think I can. I think I can."

Once at school, I was faced with an overwhelming amount of tasks to be completed. The biggest being packing my room for summer; the most pressing being typing my semester test that kids would take at 10:00. I started typing it twice last week and got interrupted. The test got typed, the test got given, and the test got graded; the packing got, well.... I think I can. I think I can.

After school I treated myself to a mani and pedi. It has become my last day of school treat. But I just didn't thing I could make it until Wednesday afternoon. When I got home, I sat out in my porch swing while the dogs played in the yard. The cool breeze felt so good that I felt guilty sitting there on my butt wasting such perfect weather. So I got up, change, and put on my shoes. I knew that it was time to get back to my C25K. I have started this program many, many times, but never have I made it past week 4 day 1. I am determined that this summer I WILL finish the program. Several weeks I started it again. And then I hurt my foot while stepping off the back deck. I debated starting over but decided to just move on to week 2 day 1. I made it. I. Think. I. Can. I. Think. I. Can. Man, I was chugging up my tiny hill very, very slowly there at the end. And then when my time was over, I looked back and realized that I hadn't run since April 30. Really? No wonder I was huffing and puffing so.

I've got two more mornings to pull myself out of bed and go to school. So if you see my huffing and puffing or blowing smoke one of those days, remind me that you think I can.


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    1. thanks for your confident support!

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    1. i made it! after running again this morning, my calves are sore today. i'm taking that as a hint they are being used in ways that they haven't been in quite some time - and that's a good thing.