Thursday, May 17, 2012

heat makes me grouchy

Today I went to Monticello for a workshop. It was a good workshop, so I'm not complaining (much). However, there are few things I need to get off my chest.

1. I know I'm hot natured. I understand that my ideal room temperature would send most people into sudden hypothermia. I keep my classroom and my house at my preferred temperature. But when I go the movies or church or workshops, I dress in my coolest possible clothing. I don't expect the thermostat to be at 68 degrees or 70 degrees.  But if it's 95 degrees outside, I do expect that the A/C in the room would be turned on. Even the tiny lady beside me who came in this morning wearing a sweater and a jean jacket was down to a sleeveless shirt before the end of the day. People, I can only take off so much clothing before you all are going to begin to get uncomfortable! And when I know that it's 95 outside, I don't come in wearing much to begin with.

2. When I pay almost $9 for a chef salad and a glass of tea, I expect that salad to be made of a lettuce other than iceberg and that it would come on something a little nicer than a styrofoam plate. And I want a damn refill on my tea!

3. As I was driving to pay for that pricey, but tiny, salad, I noticed a man dressed in a leprechaun suit holding a sign advertising a place that buys gold and silver. Seriously. A grown man. Dressed as a leprechaun. In 95 degree weather. Do you ever see those people dressed in costume holding a sign and think, "Oh, isn't he cute? I think I'll stop off and sell my wedding ring." Almost every time I go past this one intersection in  Little Rock, I see someone dressed as Little Caesar and dancing around with a sign. It never makes me want to eat pizza. Then on the way back from lunch and again on the way home, I saw politicians standing near an intersection waving at people and toting campaign signs. Again, do you base your vote on which candidate waves at you as you speed through the yellow light?

4. While I'm on politicians, lately several candidates have made appearances at school during the day or during school functions. A few weeks ago I was introduced to someone running for judge while I was leaving a softball tournament. I wanted to ask him if he had been to any of the games last year. Or even basketball or football games before the political season had started. And then today I got an email from that same candidate. I didn't give him my email address. I didn't ask him to email me. And I won't vote for him because of that email. I can't stand to be pestered by phone calls and emails. Do you vote for people because they call or email?

5. After my workshop, I ran in to Walmart to get groceries. I called Lovey to see if he needed anything. I got his standard list: dog food, cokes, and scooby snacks. I know to get those things. I don't have to call for that list. I buy those things every time I go.

I'm blaming the heat for this rant.

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