Friday, December 30, 2011

friday fun

Brooke and I took the youth kids to Little Rock to ice skate at the outdoor rink today. It was a great day - sunny and 68. While we waited to skate, I tried to get a group picture of the kids.

It's an almost impossible task. Just when I would get the attention of two or three, I would completely lose another few. And Chan always tries to hide behind someone else.

Finally, they got their skates and got on the ice. And then were almost immediately told to exit the ice so that it could be smoothed.

No Zamboni machine here - just some shovels, a golf cart with a box blade, and a water hose. Finally, they were skating,and I had a few minutes to day dream about joining these people.

I tried to get some action pictures of the kids. The lighting wasn't great. And with they were trying to avoid pictures. When I got home, I found this one.

Not a great one of LKN, but who's the guy giving me the thumbs up? I don't know him!

And then they all ended up at the rail in front of me. Another chance for a group picture.

Not bad, the best I got all day. But it quickly turned to this.

They crack themselves up.

We had to drive over a hundred miles away. And who do I see when we get there?

One of my neighbors! It was a difficult to get a picture of him as it is to get one of Chan.

When skating was over, we walked the bridge before going to get supper.

The lighting was beautiful. I loved the reflections in the water and the uplighting on the beams of the bridge. And it was still warm enough that we weren't rushing to get to the truck.

I have no idea what happened here. But it's kind of pretty.

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