Tuesday, December 27, 2011

when just what you've always wanted comes true

I've always wanted a room of my own. I'm almost 50 years old and I've only had a room of my own for a few months here and there during my lifetime. My sister and I always had to share a room. We had fun, and we share lots of great memories, and we still speak. But I need want a space that's just mine.

When Lovey and I were looking at house plans, I always searched the plans for little nooks or small rooms that could possibly be my area. When we finally chose a plan there was a small room on the front, but it was designated as the boys' TV room. While they were in school, they didn't have TV and video games in their bedrooms - Baby Jus would have never slept. But now that they are  "big boys" we have moved TV's into each of their rooms. And the once TV room has been waiting for me to move in.

A few weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law got a new TV that required new furniture, and they posted a picture of their cabinet on Facebook offering it to anyone who would come and get it. After a day or two, I asked if it was still available and staked my claim. It is HUGE. And has lots of storage. Just right for a sewing/craft/office space.

So yesterday I started cleaning out the boys' stuff. Trying to decide what to keep and what to chunk. And after about an hour, I just had to stop. My heart couldn't take anymore. We don't even have a VCR. And who wants to rewind a tape when we can just go to the menu of a DVD? Why do we need a Nintendo 64 or Gamecube? But how do I throw away the things that were such a huge part of their childhood? Baby Jus has the Star Wars movies on DVD, so why is it reasonable to hold on to those stupid tapes that he watched over and over? Big Boy will never again watch Forrest Gump on a VCR, but he sure wore that one out. They haven't played any of those video games for years, but I can remember the Christmas mornings or birthday parties where there were so excited to open them. And the excitement just a few hours later when Baby Jus beat them for the first time - it never took him long.

I've made it almost to 50 without a room of my own. Would any of you be interested in touring my museum of videos and games of the 90's child?

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