Thursday, December 22, 2011

i'm back

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted something. I've almost forgotten how. I have thought about writing something many times. I have even picked up the computer to do so a few times. But I just didn't do it.

Just like I haven't put up a Christmas tree. Or wrapped the presents. Or made the Christmas goodies.

I took this one.

Don't go thinking that I given up on Christmas all together. I have done the shopping. And I've made several things that I'm excited to give as gifts (of course, I can't show any pictures yet). And I did make dipped pretzels and wrap seven presents tonight - that's a start.

and this one.

Oh, and I helped with the Christmas program at church last Sunday. It was great.

Very simple and sort of old-fashioned. I just loved it.

Just before it started, I gave my camera to shove my camera at my cousin Samantha. She has a very artist eye, and I knew she would get some interesting pictures.

Here's my favorite.

My niece Brooke and her sweet baby, Eli, as Mary and baby Jesus.

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