Saturday, December 24, 2011

let's get the festivities started

What are your Christmas traditions?

Many, many years ago, my mom claimed Christmas Eve as our family's day. And it is a tradition that has held it's ground as we have gotten married and even as the grandkids are now getting married and starting their own traditions. I think that as we were and are looking for our perfect mates, an important question has been, "When does your family have their Christmas gathering?" Anyone who's answer might conflict with our established tradition is quickly booted to the curb.

If that someone had a nice boat or a house on the lake, we might keep him/her around long enough to try to convince them to change his/her Christmas plans - family Christmas is important, but we aren't unreasonable. Especially when a boat is involved.

For years, the kids have made a "gingerbread" house on Christmas Eve. There is no gingerbread involved. It's the cheaters version. Last year, I replaced the "gingerbread" house with snowman cakes. I've been told that it's just not the same. Why did I, who hates for traditions to be jacked with, try to change things? This year we will again be making our candy-covered mansion. Caleb is hoping for a log cabin today - we'll see. Everyone works on sections, so sometimes one side of the house doesn't even match the other.

Whatever you plans, I hope that each of you enjoy time with family and friends, and that somewhere in the chaos you take the time to read the story of our Savior's birth. Consider today how, all those years ago, our lives were changed with the birth of a tiny King.

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