Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Great Tuesday

Yesterday was a great day. My students started their presentations that they have been working on for the last several weeks, and I am very proud of the work that they have done. Each student chose a nonfiction book to read, wrote a two page summary of the book, and designed a presentation. Most students used PowerPoint, but a few went another route and found websites to help them create a presentation. I saw some fantastic work yesterday and am looking forward to many more today.

After school I drove two of the senior girls to Captured Moments in Pine Bluff for a modeling session. Mrs. Linda Rawls invited them to model prom dresses for an ad in the local paper. What fun! Having boys, I miss out on the excitement of dress shopping. These girls were beautiful in everything they tried on. It will be interesting to see what pictures the store runs in the ad.

This is one of my favorites. I love these dresses. And these girls!

After playing dress up, I talked to Keith and got his usual request, "We need dog food." We always need dogfood. So off to Walmart it was.  Pushing the loaded buggy across the parking lot, I noticed a man who looked very familiar to me, but I just couldn't place the face. So I kept walking. Soon I heard him say something to us. I walked back in his direction. He was a former student. From my first year of teaching! What a reminder that I am getting old; he is in his early 30s. I taught him and his twin brother at Dollarway Junior High many, many years ago. They were both great athletes and pretty good students - when they put they minds to it. We had a short catch-up there in the parking lot. He almost made me cry telling the girls about being one of my students. He said such nice things. I was definitely surprised.

After that we went to dinner at Chef Lee's and headed home. Tuesday was great. And now begins Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season. I've decided to give up TV (unless there is bad weather - and then I will cheat). Pray for me; this will not be easy.

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