Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I Learned Today

Well, it's Thursday night. Tomorrow is Friday. Friday and then spring break is over. Just last week I had such plans for my spring break. It seemed as though time was endless, and I could accomplish any task, even huge lists of tasks. But alas, it is Thursday night. Tomorrow is Friday. And that list? Well, it's still got plenty of opportunities for anyone interested.

I did get one thing done today. I cleaned out my lazy susan cabinet. You read that correctly - not cabinets, just cabinet. I don't like to put too much pressure on myself.

I've been wanting, no needing to do this for some time now. It was interesting. And it brought to mind this question:

Can we learn anything about a person by looking at the foods that are in his/her cabinets?

I took everything out. Even the stuff that had fallen off of the spinning shelves and been lost in the dark corners. I was surprised at some of the things I found.

Like three large jars of sweet pickle relish. Why? Who needs that much pickle relish? What can I learn from this?
1. I may be a hoarder. Especially of relish.
2. I am not brand loyal.

Or am I? Really? How much popcorn do I need? And I know for a fact that there is a sack of this same stuff in the cabinet above the microwave. What have I learned?
1. I like popcorn.
2. I believed Orville Redenbacher when he told me his popcorn was better.

I just thought the relish and the popcorn was hoarding. Eight bottles of salad dressing? Seriously? What can I learn about myself from this?
1. I have good intentions of eating lots of green, leafy salad, but apparently I don't actually do it.
2. I try to please the varied palettes of my friends and family.

This is my "past expiration date" pile. Not great - but not as bad as I thought it might be. What can I learn from this?
1. I can give up on the instant oatmeal. I'm just not going to eat it for breakfast. I am a sausage biscuit kind of gal.
2. No one at my house will make their own hot chocolate, even if I have the cute little marshmallows.
3. If I put the vanilla wafers in the cabinet, Baby Jus will not eat them.

Here are few more of my discoveries.

1. The other night when I was looking for capers, they were in the cabinet.

2. When other people help me put groceries away, no matter that we have all lived in this house for exactly the same number of years, they put things in the wrong place.

3. The other day when I was certain that I had a bottle of vanilla; I did. It was in the wrong cabinet.

4.  Cleaning out the canned goods is much more pleasant than cleaning out the fridge.


  1. 4 (a) Cleaning out the canned goods smells ten times better than cleaning out the fridge! :-) Of course, everything smells "off" to me these days! :-)

  2. You are so right. Hope you're feeling better in this next trimester!