Monday, March 7, 2011

Something to Ponder

Tonight I am thinking. Well, cruising random blogs. Watching/listening to those women telling it all. And thinking. I'm sure that if Lovey listened carefully, he could hear those wheels in my brain just a spinning and squeaking. And here's what I'm thinking about...Lent. Or rather giving up something for Lent. It's a big commitment, giving up something for Lent.

Growing up, I've heard of people of giving up all sorts of things, including full out fasting. I've never spent so much time thinking about what or whether I would sacrifice for the season. I'm taking that as a "Yes, I want you to participate in the Lenten season this year." I've always known that Lent was about making sacrifices just as Jesus sacrificed for us. But I've been searching and reading. I found some interesting information about Lent and Easter here
I like the list of various Lenten commitments. And here

So, I'd like to know; do you observe Lent? And if so, in what way(s)?

While I'm on the topic, do you, rather, how do you celebrate Fat Tuesday?

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