Monday, March 21, 2011


Daylight Savings Time and spring weather made a grand entrance around here. It is nice to come home from school and have some time to get outside before the sun sets. For the last few days, Lovey and I have taken an afternoon drive to check on cows. Most days this is all done, or almost done, before I get home, but this week farm time has been just right so that I could tag along.
Here's Lovey. Out of the truck and walking amongst his critters on Wednesday afternoon. Not much excitement today.

When I came in on Thursday, he told me that there were twins born at Joey and Liz's field. Of course, I grabbed my camera - who can resist twins?

We quickly found the momma, but she only had one baby with her. The other was sunning near the hay rings. I wanted a picture of the babies together, so we went to check everything at Red Acres Ranch chicken houses - Joey and Liz were on a much needed and much deserved trip to Vegas, celebrating their 20th anniversary. Everything checked out fine with the chickens, and on our way out we noticed that the babies were now close, but not quite together.

Somehow or another, baby #1 had gotten on the other side of the fence. This is the baby that the momma cow had just had by her side. The little thing was hollering, so Lovey decided to go over and try to coax it back under the fence. And it really started hollering then!

I don't know if you have ever seen a momma cow get all stirred up, but I can assure you that they move much faster than you think is possible. This momma was at that fence in the blink of an eye. And trying to jump over. She did not like Lovey messing with her baby. Nevermind that she is the one that let it get on the other side of the fence. Because the little creek running under the fence was pretty deep, Lovey was worried he couldn't get the baby back under the fence. He was trying to come up with another plan when the momma took off running up the fence row. She went to corner gate, ran down the other side, and gathered her baby. Only one problem now. She left baby #2 on THIS side of the fence.

 We eased along behind him, trying to get him to that corner gate so that he could join the rest of his family. Had him almost there when he decided that was not where he wanted to go. So much for getting a picture of the twins together. We gave up and headed back to the house.

Friday I was busy and didn't get to make the rounds, but Saturday, I made the rounds with Lovey. And finally got the twins together.
Precious! Can't wait to see what shows up this week.

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