Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well Now I'm All Twitterpated

I'm trying to learn to tweet correctly. I don't think it's going well.

I think I busted up a conversation the other night. I honestly don't know the proper etiquette yet. And know I wonder if I owe this tweeter an apology. But then again, I don't want to appear all stalkerish. But it does bother me that I might have been rude. No, rude doesn't bother me as much as I might have been dumb. I think that's the hardest part about Twitter - it makes me feel dumb.

I created an account on Twitter this past summer.  I played around for a few days but soon got bored. You see, I had no followers - and no one to follow. I have decided to try again I am determined to make it work.

While I haven't been tweeting, I have been following a few tweeters since the summer. I have the tweets sent to my phone. And I do enjoy reading the tweets. I wanted to join but just couldn't figure it all out. I still haven't. But I am tweeting, a little.

After reading this post by Melissa, I decided I did need a tweetdeck - I didn't know what it was, but I sure wanted one. Well, tonight I got one! And I do think it will make my tweeting experience a tad easier.

Now I'm facebooking, blogging, and tweeting - my house will never be clean again.


  1. you can't officially bust up a conversation :) you won't be arrested for it anyway. if it's out there, you're welcome to join in. a lot of people don't understand twitter at first, but i think it really works well for bloggers because you get to know ppl from their blogs, then on twitter. few people i know in real life use twitter. let's just hope my mom doesn't get on it. :)

  2. You say that now, but when I bust up in one of your conversations.... lol.